FX838-13 Soldering Station

FX838-13 Soldering Station

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  • Heavy Duty Soldering Iron.
  • High powered 150 W soldering iron.
  • Best suited for soldering of powered-supply boards, heat sinks, and shield cases.
  • Applicable to the soldering of multiplayer boards with micro components
  • 230V, 3Wired Cord, without plug.
  • Temperature preset mode allows you to input three frequently-used temperatures in advance and recall them with one push of a button.

  • Connectable with N2 soldering iron.
  • Graph of a comparison of the performance of FX-838 and a conventional station


  • Station, handpiece (FX-8301), control card, power cord, heat resistant pad, connecting cable, iron holder, instruction manual


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Replacement Parts

Common Tips for FX8301
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