FX1002 Soldering Iron Conversion Kit

FX1002 Soldering Iron Conversion Kit

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  • Micro soldering iron for induction heating system
  • Temperature series: 350ºC and 400ºC
  • Compatible with HAKKO FX-100, IH soldering station
  • Used with T35 tip series
  • Especially suited for soldering microchips and other chips with narrow pin pitches under a microscope
  • Secures field of vision under a microscope with Φ3 mm soldering tip


  • Handpiece (with yellow sleeve assembly ), sleeve assembly (green), heat resistant pad, iron holder, instruction manual


Replacement Parts

Common Tips for FX1002
Please refer to the product catalog for more tips
  • T35-03D06 Shape-0.6D T35-03D06
  • T35-03D1 Shape-1D T35-03D1
  • T35-02D06 Shape-0.6D T35-02D06
  • T35-02D1 Shape-1D T35-02D1
  • T35-03I Shape-I T35-03I
  • T35-02I Shape-I T35-02I
  • T35-03J Shape-J T35-03J
  • T35-02J Shape-J T35-02J
  • T35-03KU Shape-KU T35-03KU
  • T35-02KU Shape-KU T35-02KU