FX100-11 Soldering Station

FX100-11 Soldering Station

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  • Excellent thermal efficiency - FX100 provides the heat to the tip effectively by an 'Induction heater'.
  • Unique "Power assist" feature that assists the thermal recovery performance of the soldering iron tip. 
  • Boost function to increase tip temperature by 5 to 10oC for better working efficiency
  • No calibration is required.
  • 230V, 3Core Plug
  • Wide variety of tips available .
  • Meets or exceeds IPC J-STD-001 and ANSI ESD S20.2
  • Connectable with micro soldering iron (FX-1002)
  • Interactive method by LCD display with 3 buttons


  • Station, handpiece (FX-1001), heat resistant pad, power cord, sleeve (green), sleeve (gray), cleaning wire, iron holder, instruction manual


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Replacement Parts

Common Tips for FM1001
Please refer to the user manual for more tips!
  • T31-01D52 Shape-5.2D/ T31-02D52/ T31-03D52            
  • T31-01BC1 Shape-1 BC/ T31-02BC1/ T31-03BC1
  • T31-01D16 Shape 1.6D/ T31-02D16/ T31-03D16            
  • T31-01SBL Shape-SBL/ T31-02SBL/ T31-03SBL    
  • T31-01BC28 Shape-2.8BC/ T31-02BC28/ T31-03BC28 T31-01BC28
  • T31-01BL Shape-BL/ T31-02BL/ T31-03BL T31-01BL
  • T31-01D08 Shape-0.8D/ T31-02D08/ T31-03D08 T31-01D08
  • T31-01D24 Shape-2.4D/ T31-02D24/ T31-03D24 T31-01D24
  • T31-01I Shape-I/ T31-02I/ T31-03I T31-01I
  • T31-01IL Shape-IL/ T31-02IL/ T31-03IL T31-01IL
  • T31-01J02 Shape-0.2RSB/ T31-02J02/ T31-03J02 T31-01J02
  • T31-01JL02 Shape-0.2RLB/ T31-02JL02/ T31-03JL02 T31-01JL02
  • T31-01JS02 Shape-0.2RSSB/ T31-02JS02/ T31-03JS02 T31-01JS02
  • T31-01KU Shape-KU/ T31-02KU/ T31-03KU T31-02KU
  • T31-01WD08 Shape-0.8WD/ T31-02WD08/ T31-03 WD08 T31-03WD08