FM206-14 Rework Station

FM206-14 Rework Station

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  • Hakko 3-port rework station that enables soldering, desoldering, and SMD reork all with a single unit
  • Graphic LCD enables easy viewing and operation
  • Handpiece combination examples


  • Station, power cord, tip tray, desoldering tool (FM-2024), handle (for gun configuration for FM-2024), iron holder (for FM-2024), ceramic paper filter (10 pcs for FM-2024), nozzle remover (for FM-2024), cleaning drill for heating element (for FM-2024), connecting cable (for FM-2024), handpiece (FM-2027), iron holder (for FM-2027), heat resistant pad (for FM-2027), connecting cable (for FM-2027), hot air handpiece (FM-2029), iron holder (for FM-2029), heat resistant pad (for FM-2029), connecting cable (for FM-2029), instruction manual


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Replacement Parts

Common Tips for FM2027
Please refer to the product catalog for more tips
  • T12-B Shape-B T12-B
  • T12-B2 Shape-0.5B T12-B2
  • T12-B3 Shape-0.7B T12-B3
  • T12-B4 Shape-0.4B T12-B4
  • T12-BL Shape-BLT12-BL
  • T12-BC1 Shape-1BC/ T12-BCF1* T12-BC1
  • T12-BC2 Shape-2BC/ T12-BCF2* T12-BC2
  • T12-BC3 Shape-3BC/ T12-BCF3* T12-BC3
  • T12-BCM2 Shape-2BC Bevel with indent T12-BCM2
  • T12-BCM3 Shape-3BC Bevel with indent T12-BCM3
  • T12-C08 Shape-0.8C  T12-C08
  • T12-C1 Shape-1C T12-C1
  • T12-C4 Shape-4C/ T12-CF4* T12-C4
  • T12-D08 Shape-0.8D T12-D08
  • T12-D12 Shape-1.2D T12-D12
  • T12-D16 Shape-1.6D T12-D16
  • T12-D24 Shape-2.4D T12-D24
  • T12-D4 Shape-4D T12-D4
  • T12-D52 Shape-5.2D T12-D52
  • T12-DL08 Shape-0.8DLT12-DL08
  • T12-DL12 Shape-1.2DLT12-DL12
  • T12-DL32 Shape-3.2DLT12-DL32
  • T12-DL52 Shape-5.2DL T12-DL52
  • T12-I Shape-I T12-I
  • T12-IL Shape-IL  T12-IL
  • T12-ILS Shape-ILS T12-ILS
  • T12-J02 Shape-0.2J T12-J02
  • T12-JL02 Shape-0.2JL T12-JL02
  • T12-JS02 Shape-0.2JS T12-JS02
  • T12-K Shape-K T12-K
  • T12-KF Shape-KF T12-KF
  • T12-KL Shape-KL T12-KL
  • T12-KR Shape-KR T12-KL
  • T12-KU Shape-KU   T12-KU