FR702-67 Repair System

FR702-67 Repair System

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  • Powerful rework stations that contain every function needed for rework
  • Safer and more secure rework operation
  • With upgraded all the applications
  • 4-in-1 unit for space saving
  • Compatible with N2 system by purchasing N2 iron (FX-8802) as an optional accessary


  • Station、Soldering iron (FX-8801), Desoldering gun (FR-4103), Iron holder for soldering gun (with cleaning wire), Iron holder for desoldering iron (with cleaning sponge, cleaning wire), Tool box (Cleaning pin for ø1.0 mm, Cleaning pin for heater, Cleaning drill for ø1.0 mm, Nozzle wrench, Filter [qty 2], Ceramic paper filter [qty 4]), Handpiece holder for hot air , Pad (Φ3mm, Φ5mm, Φ7.6mm: qty 2 each), Heat resistant pad, Vacuum Pipe Control Knob (L with screw), Color band (qty 2), Power cord, Instruction manual
  • FR-4103 replaces previous desoldering tool model FR-4101


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