FT710 Tip Cleaner

FT710 Tip Cleaner

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  • Solder-Splash-Preventing Rotary Tip Cleaner
  • Solder removal level can be adjusted using two different types of brushes.
  • Brushes can be replaced without using and tools.
  • Safe design prevents solder waste from entering drive section.
  • Comparison of how much solder is removed by the different cleaning methods

For more information, please review the user manual below.


Replacement Parts

  • This cleaner cannot be used with the T12-JL02, quad, tunnel and spatula type soldering tips of the T12 series.
  • Can be used with the T19 series only with the use of a custom-ordered receptacle.
  • Cannot be used with FX8802 and FX8803 of the T18 series.
  • Some tipes with dimensions canot be adjusted with standard receptacles. Please consult your nearest HAKKO dealer of distributor if in doubt.