Lead Free ESD Safe RoHS 

  • Dual port soldering station
  • Allows 2 hand pieces to work simultaneously
  • Many functions including Adjust mode, Preset mode and password function
  • N2 iron (FX-8802) available as an option
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 Flexibility to work with a variety of hand pieces

 A variety of optional hand pieces are available with different power profiles, and for different functions.

Excellent thermal conductivity with T18 and T19 tips

Digital display and different modes

  • Preset mode which can save up to 5 preset temperatures

  • Adjustment mode to ensure the measured tip temperature is reflected on the digital display of the soldering station. This is an essential part of any quality control system.


 Photo shows measuring the tip temperature with Hakko FG-100

  •  Allows setting of password

Space saving design

Power saving design

  •  Independent switches for each iron connected
  • Station can be programmed to go into standby or shut down when not in use

User friendly with enhanced features and functions

Packing List


  • FX-889 Station
  • Handpiece (FX-8801)
  • Iron holder (with cleaning sponge, cleaning wire, rubber plate)
  • Color band (Qty 2)
  • Power cord
  • Instruction manual

*Only 1 soldering iron. Another hand piece must be purchased  (D) mmseparately, if required.


Model No: FX-889
Power consumption 135W
Temperature range 50 to 480ºC
Temperature stability

±1ºC at idle temperature (when set to 200 to 480ºC)


Output voltage AC 26V
Dimensions 157 (W) X 121 (H) X 149 (D)mm
Weight 2.1kg


Soldering Iron

Power consumption 65W (26V)
Tip to ground resistance <2Ω
Tip to ground potential <2mV
Heating element Ceramic heater
Standard tip Shape-B (T18-B)
Cord length 1.2m
 Total length 217mm (with B tip)
 Weight  46g (with T18-B tip)

* Total length and weight (w/o cord)

T18 tips

Shape BC/C

magnify How to use the BC/C and examples
magnify Difference between BC/C and BCF/CF tip shape

T31-02BL T31-02SBL T31-02SBL
 T18-C05 Shape-0.5C T18-C08 Shape-0.8C T18-C1 Shape-1C
T31-02D52 T31-02WD08 T31-02WD08
T18-C2 Shape-2C T18-C3 Shape-3C T18-C4 Shape-4C
T31-02D52 T31-02WD08 T31-02WD08
T18-C5 Shape-5C T18-CF1 Shape-1C
Tinned cut surface only
 T18-CF15 Shape-1.5C
Tinned cut surface only
T31-02D52 T31-02D52 T31-02D52
 T18-CF2 Shape-2C
Tinned cut surface only
 T18-CF3 Shape-3C
Tinned cut surface only
T18-CF4 Shape-4C
Tinned cut surface only
T31-02D52 T31-02D52  
 T18-CSF25 Shape-2.5CS
This type has good heat
transfer with short tip end
design, tinned cut surface only.
 T18-S6 Shape-S6  

Shape B

magnify How to use the B and examples

T31-02BL T31-02SBL T31-02SBL
 T18-B Shape-B T18-BL Shape-BL T18-S4 Shape-S4
Narrow-pitch Soldering
Type (Shape S)
T18-SB Shape-SB
Narrow-pitch Soldering
Type (Shape S)

Shape D

magnify How to use the D and examples

T31-02BL T31-02SBL T31-02SBL
 T18-D08 Shape-0.8D T18-D12 Shape-1.2D T18-C1 Shape-1C
T31-02D52 T31-02WD08 T31-02WD08
T18-D24 Shape-2.4D T18-D32 Shape-3.2D T18-DL12 Shape-1.2DL
T31-02D52 T31-02D52 T31-02D52
T18-DL2 Shape-2DL T18-DL32 Shape-3.2DL T18-S3 Shape-S3
 T18-S9 Shape-S9    

Shape I

magnify How to use the I and examples

T18-I Shape-I

Shape J

magnify How to use the J and examples

T18-BR02 Shape-0.2BR

Shape K

magnify How to use the K and examples

T18-K Shape-K

Replacement Parts

  Part No. Name Specifications
FH801-81 Iron holder <w/ cleaning sponge, cleaning wire> Blue & Yellow
3 FX8801-01 Soldering iron FX-8801 65W (26V), with T18-B tip
4 A1560 Heating element  65W (26V)
5 B1785 Nut  
6 B2022 Nipple  
7 B3469 Tip enclosure  
A1519 Cleaning sponge  Yellow
9 A1561 Cleaning wire  
B5125 Colour band  Set of 2


  Part No. Name Specifications
1 FX8802-01 Soldering iron FX-8802 65W (26V, with B tip)
2 FX8803-02 Soldering iron FX-8803 65W (26V, with 3CF tip)
3 FX8804-02 Soldering iron FX-8804 65W (26V)
FX8801-01 Soldering iron FX-8801

65W (26V, with B tip)

For M tips (T18 tips)

FX8801-01 Soldering iron FX-8801 65W (26V, with B tip)
FX8805-01 Soldering iron FX-8805

65W (26V, with B tip)

For L tips (T19 tips)

C1437 Iron holder (w/ cleaning sponge) For 951, 952, 958, 959, and FX-8803 
FH800-04BY Iron holder (w/ cleaning sponge) Blue and yellow, for FX-8804
  • *FX-8803 needs to sit on a dedicated iron holder No.C1437
  • *FX-8804 needs to sit on a dedicated iron holder No.FH800-04BY


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