ESD Safe

  • Soldering smoke absorber for production-line use
  • Equipped with a suppressor to reduce exhaust noise during operation
  • Up to 10 soldering irons can be connected with one unit
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Features of 494

  • Can be connected with any soldering handle with a diameter of 16mm or smaller
    • Inclusive of HAKKO FM-2021, FM-2025, FM-2027, FM-2028, FM-2030, FX-8801, FX-8301, 907, 908, 900M, 900L, 933, 934, DASH (N452, N453, N454 and FX-650 series), and more
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Convenient operation – easy to install flexible ducts and adapt to longer or relocated production lines
  • Highly efficient operation – fumes and flux are absorbed at their source and trapped by a double filter system
  • One HAKKO 494 system handles a maximum of 10 soldering irons
  • Can also be connected to a soldering iron with built-in smoke absorption pipe



feature - 1

Branch piping using parallel piping joint


Packing List

494 Station, Filter case, Filter cap, Pre-filter(5), Duct(3m/9.84ft.), End cover, Main filter(5), Inlet socket, Exhaust duct(5m/16.4ft.), Nylon strap(2), Suppressor

Absorption pipe set must be purchased separately. See the replacement parts.


Model No: 494
Power consumption

50Hz : 150W
60Hz : 200W

Noise level with hose : 55dB
w/o hose : 71dB
Maximum suction capacity

50Hz : 1.56m3/min.
60Hz : 1.82m3/min.

Static pressure 50Hz : 2.3kPa (240mmAq.)
60Hz : 3.2kPa (325mmAq.)
Dimensions 322(W)×300(H)×386(D)mm
Weight 18kg

* Weight (unit only) * Noise levei is measured at a distance of 1m from the face of unit.
* Dimensions (w/o handle, cord)

Replacement Parts

  Part No. Name Specifications
1 B1277 End cover  
2 B1294 Exhaust duct  5m
3 A1069 Main filter  set of 5
4 B1245 Inlet socket for  
5 C1026  Suppressor  
6 C1028  Duct set  
7 A1074 Pre-filter  set of 5
8 B1276  Filter cap  
9 B1293  Duct  3m
10 B1278  Filter case  
11 B1292  Nylon strap set of 2


  Part No. Name Specifications
1 C1029 Absorption pipe set A DASH (N452, N453, N454), 900M, 900L
2 C1030 Absorption pipe set B MACH-I (920, 921, 922)
3 C1031 Absorption pipe set C MACH-I (918) 
4 C1033     Absorption pipe set E  MG (30-100W)
5 C1034  Absorption pipe set F  455
6 C1035  Absorption pipe set G 456
7 C1540  Absorption pipe set R  any w/ a handle dia. of 16 mm or smaller
8 B1246  Parallel piping joint  

Parts for additional installations
Each additional soldering iron connection requires both the duct set and an absorption pipe set.

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