Soldering Tip: How To Take Good Care Of It

Soldering tips are very useful in things such electronics, crafts, metals and jewellery. Iron tips are usually made of copper core and with chrome or nickel plating. To prevent the iron clad from rusting, it should be coated with layer of tin and ensure that the solder is receiving the maximum heat at the surface of the tip. Get longer life and improve the soldering iron function with some simple, but useful tips.

Maintain A Good Quality Soldering Tip

It is good to canvass for a good quality solder in order to build up and maintain good form of soldering tip since it has an effect on heat transfer. Maintain the tip of the iron dirt-free while doing some work. Use a damp sponge to occasionally wipe tip on while soldering can be done to keep it clean. Notice that properly cleaned tips are shiny and ensures that maximum tip of the surface is reached. Additional metal mesh pads can also be used to attain the desired heat for specified soldering jobs. Prevent excessive wiping with damp cloth as it may cause tip temperature to go up and down thereby expanding various layers repeatedly. This causes metal fatigue and tip collapse. Flux is corrosive and may deteriorate the soldering tip so prevent dipping it when cleaning.

Soldering Tip: Make It Worth The Buy

Never use abrasive material to clean the tip, minimise maintenance by investing on good tip that has a high tin content and significant metal purity. Make sure that in the end of the soldering, keep the tip clean and flood the tip with the recommended solder. Continuously wipe and remove the iron from the plus as this action prevents oxidation and corrosion. Re-insert iron tips properly in the barrel properly then loosen the nut and screw to prevent the tip from being stuck. It is also best to return the iron to the manufacturer for removal.

If the tip becomes filled with soot and isn’t coming clean when wiped, try a tinning block or a brass brush. Clean the tip with a damp sponge to remove debris. You may need to repeat this several times if your tip is very dirty. The sal-ammoniac used in debris removal can be abrasive and excessive you may cause wear and tear to the iron cladding, resulting in exposure of the copper core. This makes the tip unusable so make sure to use a gentle brass bristle brush to clean the tip and then re-tin.

It is nice to spend money wisely and buy only from trusted soldering stores. Keep materials clean and maintain them accordingly. It is never really bad to give it a try. Handling with care is the only way to extend the product’s usefulness.